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Business intelligence and big data analytics market research

Business leaders and their tech advisors face a horrible situation

There are an overwhelming number of solutions being offered to solve every conceivable data analytics challenge. But how do you know which one is right for you?  One thing we know will not scale is asking every business intelligence firm to get on your schedule for a demo. You would never get through the interviews and meanwhile the world will have passed you by. 

Another thing that just doesn't work is the old fashioned articulation of an RFP that you post to industry and hope for relevant replies. That only gets you the narrow slide of firms that might be paying attention. 

Our suggestion is to approach your market research into BI tools with a strategic campaign plan that will include:

  • A foundation on your business mission needs and corporate objectives. By anchoring your market research on your business mission needs you will be keeping the main thing the main thing. 
  • Gaining awareness is key. Do not finalize your strategy till you have done a fast review of the most modern solutions. New capabilities, including small startups but also new capabilities from large powerhouses, can give you concepts that may totally change your approach if you enter your study with an open mind. 
  • Postpone your face to face sessions with vendors till you are ready. Don't set up in person meetings till you have done your initial homework. 
  • Leverage social media to education and inform yourself and your team. Connect to us on Twitter and read what the community is saying about Business Intelligence solutions. 
  • Leverage online video demos to gain rapid familiarity with capabilities. We recommend watching succinct video interviews to get the high level overview of a broad spectrum of business intelligence capabilities. This will give you insights in minutes that will help you narrow down who you might want to talk to. 

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