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What Is The Difference In Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence?

The difference in KM and BI may matter less than you think

The terms knowledge management and business intelligence are sometimes used synonymously, but it can be very helpful to organizations to think through the differences between these two constructs. 

When we use Business Intelligence we are talking about a set of processes and technologies designed to directly impact and improve decision making. It is how an organization gathers and analyzes data to make these direct improvements to decision-making. 

Knowledge Management is a more comprehensive term to is meant to convey a more systemic process of finding, curating, organizing, creating and using information. It is a process that continually moves data to information to knowledge. 

We find it more helpful to think of knowledge management as the more comprehensive construct. It covers all elements of an organization's data and information. Business intelligence is a more focused subset that aims to directly impact decision making. 

When you see the terms being clouded don't worry, we recommend focusing on your business objectives regardless of what the terms are. But in doing so, you should understand that if you have data, information or knowledge that does not impact business decisions you probably don't need that around anyway, right? 

When it comes to our site, we recommend just diving in and researching solutions based on your needs for decision support. We recommend first exploring the list by category. This will give you an overview of solutions by mission and function.

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