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Print Posted by Pentaho on 09/29/2016

What can Pentaho do for you?

Pentaho is helping companies succeed with their most important big data challenges

2799% ROI in 2 weeks with Pentaho for a trade marketing agency

588% ROI for internet services company

Use Pentaho to help predict machine behavior, to prevent failures and improve operational efficiency

Turn Analytics into competitive advantage

Integrate large volumes of user data and power personalized content recommendations

Emerging big data use cases require blending big data at its source; Pentaho makes it easy to implement these big data use cases through our big data blueprints that transform your business and deliver proven ROI

Optimize Data Warehouse

Streamlined Data Refinery

Monetize My Data

Customer 360-Degree View

With Pentaho’s comprehensive data integration and analytics platform you can prepare and blend any kind of data, then streamline the delivery of governed data to uncover meaningful analytic insights.

Pentaho makes data integration simple, allowing you to convert and transform data easily

integrate, prepare and blend data from any source you can imagine, including applications, data warehouses and modern and big data stores such as Hadoop, NoSQL and analytics databases.

With a single click all your data is represented in visual form, optimizing your view of relevant insights; continue discovering at more granular levels of data detail to identify key trends and valuable insights that improve your business decision making.

A platform architected for the future of your business

Any data

Any analytics

Unleash the power of Big Data at work

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