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What Does The Midsized Business Need To Know About Business Intelligence Infrastructure?

Infrastructure for business intelligence is like plumbing

The infrastructure of business intelligence is of critical importance. If done well it is totally invisible to end users. If done wrong then nothing else works.

By business intelligence infrastructure we mean any hardware, software, networks, datacenters and even applications required to support business intelligence solutions.

Many mid-sized businesses are faced with important resource decisions regarding infrastructure. Do you upgrade your network or outsource to a telecom provider for more outsourced network services? Do you add more internal servers in the data closet or buy space at a co-location facility or build a datacenter? Increasingly the answer to all of those questions has a cloud computing answer.

Which leads to the most important point regarding the midsized business and the infrastructure required for business intelligence. Sometimes the midsized business can get by with no infrastructure for business intelligence.  

Our recommendation:
  1. Review the market of Business Intelligence capabilities and shortlist those that are delivered via cloud infrastructure. 
  2. Consider the current and future size of if your organization. Your cloud based capabilities will need to serve not just your current capabilities, but will need to expand to any size you need in the future. Fortunately most cloud capabilities can scale, but you need to check.
  3.  Consider which of your data holdings you are going to allow into the cloud. This decision will vary from company to company and there are many factors that must be considered here. But in the end the decision will be yours to make and will help you decide whether or not you can leverage a 100% cloud infrastructure.
When it comes to your market research, be sure to leverage our directory of both infrastructure and applications for Business Intelligence. We analyze, capture, curate and catalog the top BI tools, and provide particular focus on tools that can be of service to the SMB market.  

To kick off your examination you can jump right into our video collection for quick online demos, or select firms by category. For other tips see our market research strategy guide.

Also see our reference to how BI can help the SMB beat the big guys.

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